Xeno Syncretic Order: Timeline

Xeno Syncretic Order (XSO)

The following is a calendar of significant events that revolve around the members of XSO and the organization.

The Birth of Xeno Syncretic Order signified a smaller, more focused group dedicated to the belief that in order to protect humanity, we must reach out to the alien races and acquire new technologies and cultural strengths. Our undying devotion to building up reputation with the Xi'an, Vanduul, Banu and other races throughout the verse is the only way to ensure survival of the Human race.

The Fall of Ballistic Logistics was a long and meticulous process that the Shadow Advocacy had begun long before Matthius even knew of the existances of Ballistic Logistics or the Shadow organization. Once the pieces began to move, the fall was swift and quick. It devastated Matthius, the corporation, family members and friends without prejudice.

Ballistic Logistics during the Prosperous years grew it's fleet to over three hundred vessels including it's flagship Pocket Carrier 'BLG Valiant Pennefeather'. Matthius had taken the reigns from Deerfield and built the organization beyond even Deerfield's expectations. Some future member's of XSO begin to enter the picture as well...