Ballistic Logistics Saga - Part XVII

November 2941
Tohil System

Director Richard Cortez stood looking at the readout of the security door panel. It read 24% structural integrity. He'd acted fast in getting the few personnel into the safe room that he could, but the attacks were swift and seemingly from the inside. A strike team had entered the facility via legitimate access codes as no alarms were tripped before the team started assaulting the base's personnel.

Trembling secretaries and logistics agents were huddled in the chamber waiting for some sign of survival. The explosions that had rattled the safe room had finally stopped but they had zero visibility outside the room.

Waiting another ten minutes, Cortez decided it was time to take a look. It had been forty-five minutes and the sounds of gunfire and explosions had ceased. Entering his access code and took as step back as the smell of burning assaulted the sealed chamber. Having a self-contained oxygen system the seal on the door had protected them from the burning sensation as well as any other potential contaminants.

After a minute to compose himself, Cortez pushed the door fully open. Outside, the entire executive level was for all intensive purposes gone. The majority of the roof had burned away. Desks, Tables, walls, everything was torched from what appeared intense fire and completely destroyed.

The professional hit squad had come and done the job well. There would be no way to determine what, if anything, they had taken but anything left was no longer of value. A light mist fell over the group as spray from firefighters blew in the wind. They were still battling the fire, Cortez could see, 100 meters away at the hangar bay. It appeared rocket fuel or something else had caught ablaze and was causing havoc.

Walking through the wreckage, nothing in the structure had been sparred. This facility was completely destroyed and rendered inoperable. He thought silently, he had to get word to Matthius.