Settling Down

May 2937
Mining Colony Oben Run
Leir III

"Fire in the hole!" Mavor called on his radio to the other miners. He hit the plunger and a rumble rocked the lower parts of the mine. The crew waited while he climbed down a bit and assessed the damage. "All clear."

The Miners moved back in with the Foreman following. While infrastructure had not yet been built in the lower mine, they all wore EVA suits as the moved about so they could breathe. Leir III had never been terraformed, but the mining guilds that ran it were trying to get the resources together so they could. Several points on the planet had excellent veins of graphite, crystal, and heavy metals to mine so they envisioned the planet would be a good long-term venture and great candidate for terraforming.

Mavor moved in behind the miners and checked the damage of his explosive. It had done less than he thought it should. He keyed his mic, "Let me take a look." As he pushed through, the foreman keyed his mic.

"Some explosive expert you are. Can't even blow a fault properly. Time wasted is coming out of your pay, Convusco." The foreman complained.

Mavor rolled his eyes and checked the crack. He realized something as he examined it. "Something in here absorbed the blast. It looks like we already hit metal. Can someone double-check me?"

"Let me see," The chubby foreman made his way down the shaft. He turned on his head lamp and examined the crack. He put his hands into it, grunted and pulled. A large chunk of dirt and rock splintered off revealing gleaming ore beneath. His mic was left open and the crew could hear his labored breathing, but also they could hear him say, "…wow. We hit something alright."

Hours later the crew returned from the shaft with several carts loaded up with metals. Mavor wasn't an expert so didn't know which, but the foreman was in a really good mood. The miners explained to him that they hit a pure vein. It would take some work to more fully expose it, but the rumor was they were going to be rich.

After coming through the airlock from the mine back into the mining facility he went to his quarters. As he came through the door his new wife, Chista greeted him with a kiss. It then turned to a long kiss followed by a shower of kisses. They both laughed and Mavor began, "Good news! We're gonna be rich!" Chista replied, "Good news! We're going to be parents!" His eyes brightened and he swept her up.

This is the best day of my life.