Xeno Syncretic Order: Convusco Bloodline

Mavor Convusco was a hard working ore miner and a simple family man, until an accident on the Mining Colony of Oben Run took his wife and children from him. Left without family, friends, or hope, and terminally inflicted with a disease never meant for humans to carry, he was willing to do anything to fight for justice. With nothing to lose, he took to a life of crime to support those afflicted as he was. Just before the underworld could totally pull him in, a chance encounter with an alien artifact guided him back to an old acquaintance, and an organization that just might offer him a hope worth fighting for.

Timeline of Mavor Convusco 'Photeus'

Pre-XSO / Military Days


  1. 'Brawler'


  1. Squad 268


  1. Death Do Us Part


  1. Settling Down


  1. Containment
  2. Poo-tee-yus


  1. Family Matters


  1. A Life of Crime - Part I


  1. A Life of Crime - Part II
  2. A Life of Crime - Part III
  3. A Life of Crime - Part IV
  4. A Life of Crime - Part V
  5. New Beginnings
  6. Eavesdropping
  7. A Deal with the Devil
  8. Seeking an Old 'Friend'


  1. Welcome Home
  2. Alien Relations: Part II
  3. Alien Relations: Part IV
  4. Alien Relations: Part V
  5. Alien Relations: Part VI
  6. Alien Relations: Part VII
  7. Alien Relations: Part XV
  8. Alien Relations: Part XVI