Seeking an Old 'Friend'

November 2941
Spider - Cheap Hotel
Cathcart System

Photeus checked his mobi-glass several times a day, waiting for something, anything that would point him to Gedion. Nothing. The pirate-prostitute hadn't yet held up her end of the deal.

The good thing about the situation was it gave him time to relax and catch up with the miners. He had spent the last couple weeks sending them word of their new benefits. None of them cared that they were illegal, they all agreed the UEE and the Miners Council had screwed them, so this at least felt like a little payback. A couple of them had died recently as well, regardless of the new benefits. He was told by the others they were at least at some peace before they died.

They begged Photeus to return, to take up the name of Mavor again and they'd all do what they could to make their last days as comfortable as possible. He wasn't ready for the comfort they offered. He wasn't ready to give up. He told them that he'd find a cure. They told him he was crazy. He agreed.

Late that night as Photeus was returning back to his rented room, his mobi-glass lit up. He opened the message:

Dearest Nephew,

I'm sorry for my delay in responding to your messages. I've just been so dreadfully busy! I've looked up that childhood friend of yours, Relen Gedion. I found a man that might know him located near you. His name is Webb and I've asked him to contact you. Hopefully you'll locate your long-lost friend and be able to catch up. Let me know how it goes and keep in touch! Love,

Auntie Rahab

P.S. Please make sure to be a good boy! Next time you visit me, you'll have to help me with some chores around the house. I've enclosed a few credits for you, spend them wisely!

The message contained 5 credits. Oh, hardy har har.

--Late that night—

Photeus couldn't sleep. He was waiting up for this 'Webb' to contact him and he was keeping comm channels open in his room. All he could do was pace back and forth. He fiddled with some of the other artifacts he hadn't sold yet. He traced the runes on the crystal a few more times absentmindedly.

Deep into the night he got a comm on a secure channel. He patched it through.

The voice came over gruff and Photeus felt like he could smell the alcohol in the man's voice, "Webb here, you Photeus?"

"Yeah, that's me," Photeus replied, more excited than he anticipated.

"Look, I was paid enough creds to help you get a message to Gedion and that's it. Hurry up with it!"

Photeus was caught off guard. He hadn't prepared anything, "Hold up a second. I wasn't told that."

Webb's sigh came through the line, "Make it quick, this liquor isn't going to drink itself."

Photeus quickly wrote out a message and relayed it to Webb:

Relen Gedion,

This is Photeus. I need to speak with you about the ethereal aliens. I have artifacts for you to make it worth your while. Name a time and place to meet me on your terms.

Please respond.


Photeus also gave Webb details on how Gedion could contact him back. Webb grunted, chugging down a drink while he took notes. Photeus questioned, "You're sure he'll get this?"

"No promises." Webb replied flatly.

"Get it to him immediately?" Photeus begged of the drunk.

"Yeah, yeah. Last thing, don't bother looking me up if he doesn't get back to you. Oh yeah, and if you see her, tell Saskia that Webb has been thinking long and hard about her lately," the man, drunk now, slurred part of his last sentence. The line dropped.

"Who's Saskia?" asked Photeus of the dead line.