Family Matters

UEE Medical Freighter - 'The Oath'
Unknown Location

It must have been months since Photeus had seen his former miners, they were still in strict observation. He felt like they were being imprisoned for the crime of letting their loved ones die. Part of him knew the UEE wasn't directly at fault, but he started to find himself blaming humans in general. If not for their wars, the pain and suffering they caused, and for that damned fool Messer, his family might still be alive. Not my family, Mavor's.

He was told earlier, through intercom that a doctor would be seeing him. The last time he saw a doctor was back on Leir. They were studying the miners with scanners and tech. They were keeping their distance.

There was a sound of a tone then a warning klaxon, ",Stand Clear – Door Opening". Photeus made sure he was clear while the door opened. A man, obviously a doctor, approached him, no biohazard suit in sight, "Hello. I'm Dr. Gearawala."


"Well, yes, so I'm sure you're curious about your condition."

Photeus' eyes narrowed, "Yeah, was told the doctor would be right with me. Five months later...?"

The doctor looked embarrassed, "Well, yes, we had to take every precaution, I'm sure you understand. But now we know what is going with you and your friends. I first have some questions, we have some theories we need to verify. I will be happy to explain myself afterward."

"Fine. What do you want to know?"

The doctor turned around the desk chair and sat down, looking at Photeus, "Ok, first tell me how you feel. Start with physically and move to emotionally if you don't mind."

Photeus rolled his eyes, "I feel very strong and alert. My vision seems better than it used to be. My balance is better than I remember and I no longer have joint pain from years ago."

He continued with poison in his words, "Emotionally, as fine as someone can be who held a wife and child while they died."

"Uh yes," the doctor said, "That confirms our thoughts."

He continued, "There are sparse, but accurate records that Messer was testing alien plague bioweapons. This specific weapon tested never saw general use because it was considered a failure. The bioweapon was unable to detonate due to the payload. It created moisture which corrupted the controls of the torpedo, so never saw much use outside of the initial test. Your crew found the test rocket, did not recognize it due to resembling the ore otherwise around it. When it was detonated, the alien plague was released."

"I figured that was the case and that's not new information. You're wasting my time," Photeus retorted.

"Now hold on a minute," said Gearawala, "There's more. In our study, the plague was meant to be used primarily against males, presumably to damage a military population. The original design was to infect troops with a parasite which would be hard to detect and would reduce capabilities by latching onto the lungs, heart, and central nervous system of the host. It was unclear what its effects would be on women and children until now. However, in further failure of this weapon the parasite is actually improving your capabilities. It will, however, eventually kill you."


The doctor replied, "Eventually the parasite will replace your heart, or lungs, or central nervous and utilize its own. Once it does this, you will die. It will likely die as well, due to its poor design. Your condition is not contagious or a threat to anyone else. However, we cannot cure it. The creature is already attached and cannot be removed from the host. The host would die in that case as well."

Photeus finished for the doctor, "So we're screwed? We're going to die and you don't know when or how, but we're all walking time-bombs?"

"Now hold on there," the doctor stopped him, "There's nothing that we can do in general. Due to your prior service with the UEE we can offer you medical care and easing of any symptoms that may emerge. We can't save you, but it doesn't have to ruin what's left of your life."

Photeus clenched his fists tight, "My life is already ruined. What about the other miners? What are they supposed to do."

The doctor shook his head, "I don't have an answer for you. We plan to bring everyone back to Leir III for their ships. Also the miners can go back to mining if they choose, you're all more than capable."

"So we should just shrug it off? Act like it never happened?" Photeus was in disbelief.

"Again, we can provide for you. The others have to figure out something for themselves." The doctor's reassurance fell on deaf ears.

"I'm done here. I'm done with you UEE idiots. You haven't given us hope, you've given us a death sentence for the crime we didn't commit. Your crime; Human crimes. Bring me back to Leir III so I can get my ship." The conversation was over.

The doctor sighed, "Very well. We will make sure to talk to the remaining miners and will return back."