Mining Colony Oben Run
Leir III

--3 Days Later—

The UEE had not made it yet. We're remote here, give them some time. They just need more time. He checked his Mobi-glass for the hundredth time today. Nothing. No alerts. Lockdown still in place. He coughed and sputtered up blood. Tears filled his eyes and he turned on the faucet and washed water into them, quickly shutting the faucet off. They had to conserve water. The colony didn't have much for supplies left since they were blockaded, nothing in and nothing out.

Several of the miners had already died. A few wives and children had as well. The entire colony was sick, and cut off. They council had control of the port and did not allow the miners in or out of it. A few of the miners so far had tried to circumvent the controls, but they were stopped by the others. They didn't want the doors broken for when the UEE finally arrived. Mavor coughed and then vomited again. Blood. So much of it. His wife and his son were as bad as well. His son did nothing but cry and his wife was so weak she couldn't hold the boy anymore. Mavor was the only one with strength, but he didn't let on he was nearing the end of it. Exhaustion filled his every moment.

He left the bathroom and went back to the family room. His wife lay on a layered palette of blankets on the floor, his son next to her. Photeus was clutched in his hand. In between crying he would babble at it, say its name, "Poo-tee-yus" asking it to do something. Mavor still had hope the UEE would show up soon.

The last few nights had had snuggled his family close to him, to help them to sleep. He would do the same tonight. He turned on the heat so warmth would fill the room. They all had the chills so bad now, they were shaking. His son had had a seizure earlier this morning from the high fevers. Get that thought out, there is still hope. The UEE.

He sat down with his family. He pulled his wife up next to him and leaned her into him. She whispered in his ear, "Thank you. I love you." He kissed her forehead. He gathered up his son from the floor and snuggled the boy against his chest. They all embraced one another. They were all so hot with fever. Sweat poured from them. He held them close. Tears in his eyes once again, he prayed for them. Show me a way to save them. Maybe the soldier can't save them. Make me a superhero, make me into Photeus to save them. I'll give my life for them. Just don't let them die. He kissed his son and his wife one more time. Peace fell over them all and he had a painful thought, a final prayer. At least let us die together, like this.


Mavor woke with a cough and looked around. He tasted copper in his mouth, but he wasn't as warm anymore. His left hand touched his head. He felt warm, but definitely cooler. The fever broke. He breathed a sigh of relief. "Chista, wake up. I think we're…" as he nuzzled her she slumped from his side, but he was able to cradle her head down to the floor. She was limp and cold. Too cold.

He felt her face, neck, chest, armpits, anything for warmth. None. He felt for her pulse. Nothing. She was gone. He closed his eyes, tears welling up and clasped his son.

His son's chest did not rise with breath. His skin was cold to the touch. He turned his son around and looked at his face. Slack, pale, lifeless.

He laid his son on the palette of blankets on the floor. He stood up slowly when he heard a sound. It sounded like a mewling. A wimper. It built into a scream. A cry. The sob was filled with panic and pain. He dropped to his knees and fell to his face. These foreign sounds were coming from him. He was broken. His family was dead and he felt the energetic, hopeful, and joyful Mavor Convusco die inside of him.

---Sometime Later that day---

He blinked and was outside of his home. He faintly remembered rage and pain well up inside of him. He knew his home was destroyed. Furniture thrown, pictures smashed, and shelves ruined. It wasn't his fault. Photeus did it. Venter was right, Photeus couldn't save anyone. Photeus was rage and destruction. But Venter was also wrong. The soldier couldn't save anyone either. The UEE would pay for their delay.

He stumbled to the port. The docks were still closed, but there was a sound, he looked up through the domed glass ceiling and saw falling stars. Ships entering the atmo.

A miner walked up to him and said, "Convusco…your family?" The broken man looked to the miner, fire in his eyes and said, "Call me Photeus. The UEE will pay for their delay."

The miner put his hand on his shoulder and said, "All dead. Mine too," and then he begged, "We might still be sick. Please don't do anything. Not yet. Give them a chance."

Photeus lowered his eyes, realizing this miner knew exactly the pain he was feeling and he made a promise that he came to regret, "Ok. I won't do anything."

The UEE ship landed in the bay and several figures in biohazard suits ran to the airlock of the colony. They entered a code and went through the airlock. They emerged on the other side. When they first saw the two miners standing there, they announced, "We are UEE medical and biohazard teams. Our ship is ‘The Oath', we can start loading up patients for immediate evacuation. Please gather the colonists."

Photeus responded, "Not many left. You're too late. Most of us are already dead from the infection."

"Please gather everyone who is left. This colony is slated for immediate destruction to contain the infection."

"But what about our dead?" the other miner complained.

"We have crews that will gather them. We also have a crew that will bring all of your ships into orbit so you can collect them later. Please, gather up whoever is left rapidly. We don't know what infection we are dealing with.

Photeus and the other miner collected whoever was left. 14 of the miners, Photeus included, survived. All of them didn't seem to be affected by the illness anymore either, their condition was improving. They were all moved into isolated rooms on The Oath as the medical workers also bagged up the bodies of the death, presumably for study into the illness. Photeus watched as his Aurora he bought with his wife, the Ursimare, was towed off of the planet into orbit.

Several hours had passed, but the UEE crew had expertly gathered up the survivors and collected all bodies, making sure they were identified by remaining crew. Soon after, The Oath took flight and left Leir III's surface. Once in orbit, Photeus watched as several torpedoes were fired from the medical ship to the surface, destroying Oben Run. Ruined. Everything was ruined.