October 2941

As his hand met the surface of the relic, he felt himself rapidly pulled away. Voices could now be heard and something was going on below him. Like he was looking on from afar, he could see a meeting. There was a human, but there were also several alien figures. They looked ethereal.

He could see the aliens speak and he could hear them, but he couldn’t understand anything they said. It wasn’t for him. He was just an onlooker. How he knew that, he would never know, but the human became clear to him.

2nd Lieutenant Relen Gedion? What was he doing here? Questions flooded Photeus, yet his mind became clear. He was meant to hear.

A booming voice asked something unclear.

"Who? I don’t understand!" Gedion replied.

A white entity inside the pillar of light at the center of the circle stretched its arms and it looked as though it was pointing to the entities surrounding it.

"You mean these… things? Or those they represent?" Gedion inquired.

The booming voice replied, rumbling across Photeus. He felt peace. He wanted what that entity wanted suddenly. He had no idea what that want was however.

"Well… No. Humans and the Vanduul are at war. Relations are alright with the Banu, Xi’an and Tevarin, but I don’t even know who three of these others represent," Gedion replied.

Photeus noticed the entities seemed to be the shape of some of the races Gedion named, but the images were fuzzy and confused him. He was getting them mixed up. He suddenly felt he was listening in on a transmission in another language. Encoded was probably more correct.

The booming voice spoke again. Peace again washed over Photeus. Maybe he couldn’t understand its goal, but something inside of him did.

"But I don’t understand, my mission?" Gedion asked, confused.

Photeus suddenly felt like he was beginning to understand. He felt like the booming voice was now talking about harmony. He still felt the peace.

"How do I do that? I still don’t understand. What does it all mean?" Gedion fired questions out as rapidly as he could, but suddenly he faded away and became silent. A rumble came from the booming one. Photeus knew he needed to find Gedion. He needed to help him.

He hadn’t felt it in a long time so he nearly forgot how it felt. It was strange and he wanted more of it.