A Life of Crime - Part IV

October 2941
Borea - Home of Martel Kohtour - Drake Executive
Magnus System

Photeus climbed out of his EVA suit and left most of his gear in the yard. He had to be quick about this. He kept his side-arm ready, but it was set for stun. The stun wouldn't be as easy to trace back, in case Kohtour was especially pissed, and less likely they would look as hard if he hadn't killed anyone. He hoped it would look more like a break in at least.

He made his way for Kohtour's personal landing pad. He ignored the 300i on the pad, but he used it as a reference point to locate the main doorway to the home. The one piece of the datapad's plan he would still use was the virus to disable Kohtour's home defense. Turrets would slow him down too much. He found the touch pad of the door and hovered a data-transfer device up to it. These type of things were not usual for Photeus and he had no clue if it would work.

It did, the defensive systems disabled, according to the door pad. However, a failsafe in the system was to lock up tight in those cases, so the door didn't budge.

Photeus was aware of this fail-safe and while the virus downloaded prepared a shaped C4 charge for the door. He set it into the door frame carefully and then went back to his bag. He removed a very precisely constructed charge with what looked like a bladed warhead on one end. He set it carefully on the ground and pulled several other pieces of equipment from his satchel. He fitted the pieces together and they snapped carefully in place. When the disposable launcher was ready, he loaded the shell into it. I've only got one shot. I hope he didn't rearrange his living room.

He then went back and took cover behind the 300i. He hit his trigger and a blast erupted from the doorway. He stood and quickly moved to the door. It was open and had been partially blown inside the house, the doorway torn open like a tin can.

He moved into the entryway, careful not to snag himself on the lip of twisted metals. He stepped around a corner and aimed his launcher at the upper left corner of the couch. Photeus took a breath and held it, pulling the trigger.

The rocket blasted into the wall, seeming to slow down, but not break, and then a blast tore the house open. Bits of metal, wood, and upholstery hit Photeus in the face, arms and chest, but none broke skin. He dropped the launcher and could see clearly into the vault.

He moved over and stooped into the opening and eyed the vault. He pulled out his satchel and grabbed every piece that he could, dropping them in. Luckily they were all small pieces. He didn't have time to savor this moment, grabbing the artifact in question first. However, he waited until last to grab another. It looked like a shard of broken crystal. It was perfectly manufactured on one side, with alien etchings and runes, but the other side looked like it had been shattered at some point. It was in a small glass casing and he threw it into his bag, case and all.

As he spun back around, ready for the final phase of his task, he was blinded by a light into his eyes and a weapon pointed at him.

"Hold it! What do you think you're doing?"

Photeus knew the voice, "Krag? What in the 'verse?"