Squad 268

UEE Base
Idris System

As the Cutlass limped into the UEE hanger, its landing gear began to lower. One of the feet became caught on a shard of busted metal, still warm from combat. The craft touched down, but unbalanced by the loss of one of its gear, creaked and plopped into the floor of the landing bay. The airlock opened and 4 men nearly jumped out of the ship. Adrenaline pumping through them they hooted and hollered and gave each other high fives, sloppy salutes, and ‘secret’ handshakes. Laughing they moved through the hangar. Idris Squadron 268 was so far the best boarding party in Idris and Mavor was now a Corporal in command of the squad. Cliff now stumbled out of the Idris and sized up the landing. He winced a bit. Looking around he saw pieces of repair equipment and techs approaching so he shrugged and jogged to catch up to the team.

As the Squad moved through the hangar toward the barracks, they passed a team of pilots heading for their Hornets. Mavor heard one of the passing pilots mumble, "…at least it’s mostly in one piece. Could scrap it to fix some of the Avengers…maybe…"

Mavor stopped and said to the pilot, "Want to say that to my face…" gulp "2nd Lieutenant, Sir?" The 2nd Lieutenant’s flight suit said Gedion. Mavor had heard of this guy.

"I was saying, Corporal, that your crew does sloppy work," Gedion faced Mavor and replied, "Is that clear enough for you? Or do you need me to shout it? That’s probably all you meatheads understand."

The other pilots laughed and the Squad was embarrassed. Mavor smiled because he had a plan, "Sir, at least we brought it back in one piece, sir!" The other pilots stopped laughing. "Would you like us to bring you back more Hornets so you can practice maneuvers, sir?"

His Squad started laughing and Gedion stepped back and narrowed his eyes. He was obviously angry. He balled his fist as Col. W.H. Herring walked up, "Explain to me what is going on here?"

Everyone in the hangar suddenly stood to attention and saluted the commanding officer. "Convusco. Are you bringing up the past with one of our pilots?"


"I like to concentrate on the future, not the past. Answer my question, soldier!"

"Sir, yes, sir!"

Herring frowned, "Well, let me tell you what’s in your future: 3 weeks Mess Hall Cleaning duty."

"..But, sir."

Herring then smiled, "Oh you want a week of Latrine cleaning duty on top of it? Done! You’re already forward thinking. We sure worked that out fast didn’t we?"

Mavor was defeated, "Yes, sir."

"Speak up, Corporal!"

Mavor shouted, "Yes, sir!"

Herring then addressed the hangar in general, "Now is anyone else in my command going to attempt to embarrass one of their senior officers?"

All in unison, "Sir, No, sir!"

"Excellent. Glad we could have this learning experience back today. Back to work!" Herring walked out of the room.

Mavor and Gedion grimaced at one another and Squad 268 pulled Mavor away and through the hangar.

"Boy that was stupid," Cliff chided Mavor.

"Worth it," Convusco smiled back at Cliff and the Squad laughed, "With his record he’ll be out of here in a few weeks anyway. Even with Mess and Latrine duty, I love this job."

"Oh come on man, you’ll give it up for some pretty face and you know it," Cliff said, "It’s just a matter of time."

Mavor thought of all his memories over the past three years, battles fought, the rush of the kill and capture, and everything ahead, "No way. These are the best days of my life."