Building the Order - Prying Eyes

November 2941
F7C-S - 'Ghost Reaver'
Pallas System

Matthius sat encased behind the Sheersteel Void Armor of his F7C-S Hornet. To his right, Gedion in a similarly modified Gladius and just out of sensor range in an asteroid belt Karen Shoemake and several other hornets were waiting should the duo need additional fire power.

Matthius sat impatiently, waiting for some signs of activity. Nothing, he thought. We've been here for two days and no fleets, no satellites, nothing. Based on the black box's error logs the receiving ship or sensor net should be in this location and expecting a signal twelve hours ago.

On the other side of the system, Saskia sat in the Course Correction using it's vast array of sensors to scan the system for any potential signs danger as well continuing to search for a hidden vessel or listening device.

Without warning, there was a flash and both Gedion and Matthius were blinded as 150 meters in front of them appeared a Military Idris. Frantically, Gedion searched the vessel for markings. Nothing. Meanwhile Matthius, encoded a quick message storing it in his ships memory for sending later. The message, should he need it would call for Karen to distract the Frigate.

Using a direct point to point transmission, Gedion shot a quick two word message to Matthius. "No Markings"

The two sat in wait to see what the capital ship would do. Twenty minutes passed. Matthius, along with the rest of his crew were getting antsy. Sitting under the radar nose of a Military Capital Ship and especially one flying no markings wasn't good for anyone's nerves. Still they held tight.

Ten minutes more passed and Matthius prepared to send the encoding message as the Idris hangar bay opened up. His finger perched at the ready, he waited. 'We've been Made' he thought. A single ship launched: An Origin 300i. The ship flew a couple hundred meters off the Idris port bow and stopped about 450 meters away from Matthius and Gedion. It spent a good five minutes shifting it's location and then for a brief minute, both Matthius and Gedion caught a burst of activity on their sensors. Matthius quickly marked to coordinates on his map.

Almost as soon as the power signal faded, The 300i started its engines up again and returned to the Idris. Landing without noticing the two stealthed vessels covered in dark black paint to match the void of space. Another twenty minutes passed. Matthius nearly held his breath the whole time, finger at the ready to push for reinforcements. Almost as suddenly as it had arrived, the ship jumped out of the system and was gone.

"Shewww" Gedion said over the comms.

"Tell me about it. Far to close for my liking." Matthius answered. After a short exhale he bellowed out orders. "Saskia, meet us at these coordinates." Punching a button he transmitted the map location he'd saved to her and Gedion. "Karen, run a perimeter of 200 meters from my position."

"Roger" The fighter pilot confirmed.

Fifteen minutes later, Matthius and Gedion found the small satellite suite. It was similarly cloaked in black paint and ECM outfitted armor to prevent it's detection. This coupled with it's size explained why they'd had no luck finding it at all.

"This must be a collection hub." Matthius spoke.

"It does appear to have several receiving dishes." Gedion flew a few loops around the satellite. A bit to close for Matthius' comfort.

"Ok, everyone back to the fleet. I've got a plan." Matthius ordered.