Alien Relations: Part I

August 2942
Anvil Carrack 'Scry'
Horus System

Relen Gedion floated above the stars. "The open cockpit for this thing is amazing!" He turned to Matthius sitting in one of the secondary chairs.

"I told you, you'd love it." He proclaimed.

"Let's see what this thing can do." Gedion started pushing buttons before finishing his statement. Sophisticated graphics and trajectory data filled the glass dome both men were sitting in providing detailed analysis of celestial objects all around the fleet. Travelling with the 'Domus Commercia' merchantman and 'Celestial Unity' Idris Frigate, the Scry showed planetary, star base and system information. "Look there." Gedion pointed to several gray shapes moving towards the XSO ships. "Let's have a closer look." Gedion pressed a few more buttons and the display focused on the five Xi'an Quire Karthu. "Hmm." Gedion responded.

The Xeno Syncretic Order had been working on relations with the Xi'an for a while now and had no reason for concern. "Let's hail them." Matthius turned and said to a young communications officer manning one of the Carrack's consoles.

"Negative response, Preceptor" he responded.

Matthius looked back at the screen a bit more concerned. As if reading his mind, he heard a chirping of the comms systems.

"Celestial Unity is hailing sir." The Initiate from the communications station informed.

"Open a channel, bring in the Domus Commercia as well." Matthius straightened up as the joy ride apparently was over.

"All ships, stand down weapons. We cannot afford negative relations. Raise shields and prepare for combat but DO NOT fire upon those five Xi'an vessels." Matthius issued into the communications channel.

Watching intently both Gedion and Matthius kept the view screen on the five ships. They bolted directly for the Celestial Unity, did a straffing run and retreated in the general direction from whence they came.

No communications, no return, nothing.

"Odd." Gedion provided.

"Extremely." Matthius pondered. "Initiate, have Noviate Chambers patched into my communications."

He turned to Gedion. "Time for us to return to the Unity." Both men retracted their chairs and started for the nearest docking ring and the Khartu-al 'Indignation'. As the two strapped into the alien vessel, Matthius heard a crackle in his comms unit. "Preceptor, Noviate Brian Chambers reporting."

"Brian, I want you to jump into the Herald and head to Indra. Inform our contacts there about what just happened and report back asap."


Gedion, in charge of flight, had the Indignation already burning towards the XSO command ship. "I suppose today will be more interesting than we expected."