Alien Relations: Part XIV

October 2942
Pirate Asteroid Base 'Haven'
Unknown System

Eyanosa pressed Lexi forward faster. He knew that the Captain's death coupled with the arrival of the capital ship meant the powder keg self destruct sequence would not be aborted. Pirates were already scrambling to salvage valuables and find a way off station. But with seats being limited, he knew time was of the essence. Gunfire had already erupted throughout the hallways, but the duo had managed to avoid most of it. Haven was lost.

Turning the corner, Eyanosa nearly tripped over three bodies. The fresh blood oozing on the corridor surface making it slippery to traverse. Lexi and Eyanosa, slowed enough to get past. As Lexi was exiting the pool, a laser blast hit the ceiling above and to the her left. She'd had just stepped out of it's path.

"This bay's ours!" A voice protested from behind a barrier made of crates and furniture.

Lexi stood firm unphased. Eyanosa lept to her side, crouching down on his left knee and in a single motion pulled the tomahawk hanging from his back and tossed it into the chest of the foe. Two more pirates were crouched behind overturned tables blocking the hallway. Both lifting their blasters to face the new threat.

Just as the two began to fire, Eyanosa lept once more into Lexi knocking her to the ground. Both falling into the blood pool. He didn't know why, but Eyanosa had strong feelings for this girl. If not for tackling her, she'd be dead as another laser blast singed the air where she'd just been standing. Lexi snapped out of her trance and began crawling back to the safety of the corridor cross walk. Blood smeared across her face and entire left side of her body.

Eyanosa whipped his blaster out and began firing back at the two. Not really aiming, he provided enough distraction that both he and Lexi were able to reach relative safety of the cross section.

"We have to get through this hallway." He yelled to Lexi hiding on the other side of the corridor.

"I know." She replied softly. Weapon-less, she risked a quick glance back down the corridor. There in the pool of blood and bodies lay a pistol. As she pulled her head back, a laser blast zipped past and down the corridor. "I can get it." She yelled back at Eyanosa.

Before he could respond. She dove into the blood, grabbed the pistol and slide across the hallway, the blood acting as a skim.

Turning towards the opponents, Lexi could make out a third pirate standing up and aiming towards her. She fired in his direction, missing.

With no other option, Eyanosa dropped to his knees and reached around the corner. Grabbing Lexi's legs he began pulling her back to safety. The Blood pool helping ease the task. All three pirates, began firing at the two. Eyanosa yelled out in pain as one of the blasts hit his right shoulder. Lexi hugged the floor as her legs were suddenly free. The hailstorm of energy above her made the air warm and difficult to breath.

Eyanosa leaned back into the wall, the pain in his shoulder stinging. Lexi's feet just to his left but the gunfire too intense to do anything. 'They won't miss forever' he thought to himself.


Matthius once more went over the plan. He knew was risky, but judging from the chaotic activity in the asteroid field, it was their only shot. Pirate ships were launching and sensors were picking up some unusual spikes in heat within the station. The team had probed the asteroid field, but the automated defenses were still protecting against unwanted advancement towards the station.

"Initiate Keelhaul" He issued the order via his Mobi-glas.

Immediately the 'Soothsayer' started heading towards the asteroid field, it's ECM jamming activated. Behind and to it's sides followed a Redeemer class gunship with the special forces and Photeus inside. Disciple Shoemake, in command of the gladius wing, followed in her superhornet.

Matthius watched nervously as the ships neared the range of the turrets. He'd had the gladius probing it's range while the rest of the fleet prepared for the boarding measure.

"Success" A nervous sensor operator yelled as the Carrack crew all began clapping and cheering.

Matthius ignored the outburst as he continued to watch the readings. The Herald was at it's final destination jamming and providing cover. The next phase called for the support craft to break off and allow the Redeemer to traverse the asteroid field alone.

"Preceptor?" Tatiana asked sensing a questioning look on his face.

"It's too easy. Where did their defensive ships go? The Cutlasses, the Gladiator?" He scratched his chin and continued to watch. To his surprise, the Redeemer found no resistance and was entering one of the hangar bays.

"Soothsayer, Death's Custodian. Return to fleet." He ordered as the Gunship was out of their hands.

"Yes sir." Karen and Brian responded in unison.

On the station...

Juliana's crash landing of the gladiator was unavoidable. Her systems were damaged and the station's crew never responded to hails preventing her from using the automated landing system. She knew this meant she'd be leaving the Gladiator behind.

As she hurried down the hall, gun fire could be heard ahead. Duking behind a pile of crates, she quickly pulled out her Arclight - Model I pistol. She didn't remember so many supplies being in the hallways before, she thought. Half expecting marines from the invading force, she turned to look down the cooridor. To her surprise she saw three pirates firing back into the station. She sat trying to evaluate the situation for several long seconds. Nothing made sense. Then she noticed it.

On the ground, another pirate body. This one with a native American tomahawk sticking in it's chest. With that information, her hesitation shifted to pure adrenaline. Firing once into the left pirate's back, direct hit. Then she shifted to the right and fired at the one kneeling in the center, just missing as he turned to see the new aggressor. Juliana's second shot didn't stray. The third pirate sensing his inevitable death dropped his weapon and quietly spoke. "Parlay".

Eyanosa had closed his eyes fearing the worse. A few seconds more and the girl would be dead. His shoulder though was weak and he simply couldn't pull her out to cover.

The duo continued to hug the cold metal ground as gun fire rained. Suddenly there were new blaster sounds coming from down the corridor. Eyanosa sensing a change, opened his eyes and realized there was no more fire on him and Lexi.

Lexi was already starting to stand when Eyanosa began to peer around the corner.

"I believe you've lost this." He was relieved to hear Juliana's voice. As he struggled to get up, he turned to see her holding one pirate at bay with a blaster in hand and his tomahawk in the other.

Lexi walked towards Juliana, peering at the pirate.

"How you doing kiddo?" Juliana queried. Eyanosa finally on his feet could only watch as Lexi's hand raised and she fired off one shot into the pirate's head.

"We're leaving. Now." Lexi ordered.