Ballistic Logistics - Family Additions

October 2925
Hadar System

Commander Karen Shoemake triple checked her sensors. The ship Chambers had caught on the sensors was indeed reading as the Constellation class vessel BLG - 'Inner Charge'.

"Wing, proceed to my coordinates and form up escort pattern delta." She ordered. The Inner Charge was expected but they were supposed to be arriving at the other jump point in system. They had expected then to arrive from Chronos, not Branaugh.

"BLG Inner Charge, please provide security clearance code alpha" She sent a direct message to the Constellation.

"Alpha Papa Six Nine Forty Delta" The voice responded.

"Alpha clearance accepted, please proceed towards the BLG - Valiant Pennefeather for docking instructions." Everything checked out but Karen had an odd feeling on the matter.

Meanwhile onboard the Pennefeather, Matthius reached his quarters. Opening the door, Alexis Stormfury stood across the room reading something on her mobi-glas. Her long slender legs caught Matthius' eye as she turned to greet him.

"You got my message?" She playfully prodded.

"Yes, indeed it appears my personal assistant has something important to discuss." Matthius smiled. He admired her while making his way across the room. She had dressed for the occasion with a long silver silk dress that revealed the right amount of leg he thought to himself.

"Assistant!" She protested as he reached out, grabbing her and bringing her closer. "I haven't be.." Her voice trailed off as the two enjoyed a passionate kiss. "..been that for over a year." She wouldn't let it go.

Matthius chuckled at seeing her so defensive. "I know, I know." He put his arm around her waist and pulled her tighter. "So you needed me?"

"Yes, I Have news!" Her tone got a bit more excited.

"Oh?" Matthius' interest was peaked.

"We're pregnant!" Alexis squealed with excitement. Matthius was overtaken with emotion. He took his other hand and placed it on her belly and looked into her eyes. She looked far more beautiful than she had just seconds ago in the doorway.

"Boy or a girl?" He smiled.

"Both!" Alexis put both arms around his neck and went in for another kiss.

Hours later..

The briefing room was dressed up as best it could be to fill the role of conference room. Matthius stood with Anatoly Deerfield in the entry way greeting everyone as they arrived. Already arriving were Rachel Winters; the Director of Intelligence, VP Emily Miura, the newly appointed Director of Logistics Richard Cortez and Jacob Sundavold whose held the Director of R&D position for just over ten years.

Specialist James Belcher stood six feet behind Matthius. Despite protests, Matthius ordered his personal body guard to maintain some distance. The trio watched as Commander Cole Ruiz entered the room. Ruiz saluted Matthius first and then the Special Councillor as would be customary. Matthius started to extend a hand when Ruiz turned and entered the chamber without a word.

"Watch that one." Deerfield interjected. "He's none to happy about being passed over for your position." The two started to discuss when Alexis stepped into the hallway along with Specialist Saskia Linsen dressed in formal uniform. "Alexis!" Deerfield spotted her and quickly changed the subject.

"You look absolutely stunning as usual." He started. "But something..." He paused. "Something is different. You're glowing tonight."

She could hardly contain her excitement. Placing her right hand over her belly she whispered. "Twins"

"Congratulations!" Deerfield said, then turned to Matthius. "This one's as quiet as a field mouse."

"Congratulations Sir." Saskia said as she saluted.

"At ease and enjoy the party." Matthius said as the two entered into the briefing room. Motioning to Belcher as they passed. "Sir?" Belcher stepped close enough Matthius could softly speak. "James, new orders. Keep a close eye on Alexis. As of this moment she's more important than myself." Belcher knew it was pointless but he let slip. "But"

"That will be all Specialist." Matthius cut him off.