A Father's Hatred: Rebirth

April 2942
Shadow Advocacy Constellation Phoenix "No Man's Land"
Horus System

The fire fight broke out instantly. Lexi remained kneeling, unmoving, and inadvertently providing a shield to her captain. Lost in her own thoughts, she simply had no reason to care if she lived or died protecting her tormentor. The Captain fired a few rounds off with the gun by her head. Ears ringing, she stared forward facing the pirates as they entered the room. Shadow Advocacy soldiers and pirates both fell to the ground riddled with laser and bullet fire. For Lexi, time stood still as the room filled with the smell of blood and burning skin. Waves of the noxious fumes rippled through her nostrils.

The fresh smells eventually shook her from her daze. The fire fight was over and the Captain stood weapon less, blood oozing out of a wound from his right shoulder. The rest of her captors, including the soldier that had killed the slave girl, lay dead and scattered across the room. A few pirates lay writhing in pain, or dead as well. The pirates had easily taken the ship's crew, who apparently hadn't been ready for combat or had taken them too lightly. Three men and a woman moved forward and surrounded Lexi and the Captain. The tallest man stepped forward. His long dark trench coat dangled near the floor, its black leather saddled with holes here and there. Across his chest he held a shot gun at the captain's face.

"It's over." He said.

To Lexi's left, a tan skinned man with a Mohawk held an ancient Terran weapon that looked like a club in one hand and a blaster pistol in the other. The Arc Light II had been fired a few times but the stone hatchet had more than enough blood on its surface. To Lexi's right, stood a formidable woman riddled with tattoos in a deep purple hue. Her pony tail was pulled back so far it mimicked the native American's Mohawk. Her head shaved on both sides revealing intricate tattoo work that started on her head and disappeared beneath her collar only to reappear on her arms. She held a P4SC Assault Rifle facing the two captives.

Just beyond the tall pirate was a beady little man with glasses that eyed Lexi a little too longingly. His hands Lexi could not see but she could tell that she didn't like the man.

"Ok, just let my crew and myself go. You can have the girl, the ship, everything else." Lexi heard the captain through ringing eardrums. The gunfire had been extremely close to her head and while she wasn't sure, she thought she felt the oozing of blood from her right ear. "We can also pay you. And... And I mean handsomely..." The captain pleaded. A fire began to burn in Lexi's gut. This man, groveling for his life, had caused so much pain, torture and terror to her.

"...please, I've got more than enough UEC to provide for your organization for the next three months." The Captain's ramblings continued. Lexi could tell the captain was stalling, but she had no concern over that. The anger inside her was building.

"What is it you want?" The Captain pleaded. All four of the pirates were content to let things play out.

Lexi could no longer contain the rage. In one fail swoop, she stood from her kneeling position, spun to face her former captor and relieved the Captain of his pistol.

Lexi stood standing over his body as it slumped to the ground. As she realized the trigger had been pulled and that it was resting in her hands, Lexi dropped it on the captain's carcass. Four shots in total, all hitting him in the gut. His smug, fat, repulsive body lay bleeding at her feet. He writhed in pain allowing blood to bleed out faster.

"Take the ship. It's yours now." Lexi spoke standing naked over her former oppressor.