Ballistic Logistics - Taking Command

October 2925
BLG - Valiant Pennefeather - Panther Class Pocket Carrier
Ballistic Logistics Flagship
Hadar System

The past five years had been a strange and intense experience for Matthius. He'd learned all about Deerfield and Ballistic Logistics. The base that Matthius originally visited on Spider was only a small outpost. He later learned that the organization was far more wide spread with a vast network of operatives and resources. Ballistic Logistics wasn't quite military nor entirely corporate. It's a strange mix of both aimed towards the protection of humanity.

Now in charge, Matthius couldn't believe the time had come to say goodbye to Anatoly Deerfield. Even more surprising was where he'd requested the final ceremony take place. The Hadar system was considered Xi'an but the UEE jointly patrolled the system. All part of the "First Laser" training exercises.

"Executive Stormfury on deck." The young bridge officer announced as Matthius entered the Pennefeather's bridge. Matthius still wasn't quite used to the title and frankly he preferred Commander.

"At ease. System Status?" Matthius turned to crewman manning the vast sensor suite and system map.

"The BLG - Intent to Deceive has docked with the Xi'an trading station and both our Patrol squadrons report system clear." The crewman, operative Gary Ross, searched his brain for any details he may have missed.

While Matthius had thought the request to have the ceremony in Hadar somewhat strange, he took the opportunity as an acquisitions mission. One of the highlights being the new Xi'an Khartu.

"Oh and you're wife wishes to see you when you have a moment. She's in your quarters. Sir." Ross cut into Matthius' thoughts. He smiled. "So the 'Course Correction' has arrived in system then?" He referred to the MISC Freelancer she'd used to fly in from Kallis.

"Yes sir." Ross replied unsure if he'd missed something.

"Excellent. Has Director Winters arrived?" He queried.

"She arrived in system five mikes ago and is approaching the fleet as we speak." He punched a couple buttons on his console. "Mrs. Miura is already on board, as is Director Sundavold. Commander Ruiz and Director Cortez should be arriving within the hour." Matthius seemed please enough with his report. He knew the kid was new to the position and that a lot was going on in system. More than he was comfortable with, but necessary given the special ceremony and amount of top brass in system.

"Have Commander Shoemake extend the patrol perimeter by thirty percent and have Specialist Linsen see to the thermostat in Special Councillor Deerfield's quarters. The thing is broken again." He turned towards the stairs to go below.

The F7C-M Oath Keeper flew point in the Vee formation. Commander Karen Shoemake was more alert than ever. She'd been serving on the Pennefeather for a litte over a year now but none of her previous operations had this amount of Ballistic Logistics hardware in one location. Both UEE and Xi'an forces were patrolling the system, but Matthius had personally asked her to be more on top of things than usual. She still wasn't quite sure the need for so much security with the heavy UEE and Xi'an presence, but orders were orders. To protect the now twelve vessel fleet, she'd ordered two wings, each consisting of three hornets and two interceptors in a patrol on opposite sides of the fleet. They patrolled in unison around the fleet in a diamond pattern and maintaining positions opposite each other at all times. Stopping at each point they would circle a few times doing sensor sweeps and move on to the next location.

The fleet was a thing of beauty given it's scale it's combat potential. No doubt making both the UEE and Xi'an security forces a bit on edge. The Valiant Pennefeather, her assigned post, was the Ballistic Logistics Flag Ship and currently the anchor of their patrol. The flagship was being surrounded by a host of other ships. The Freelancer 'Course Correction' was currently docked with the Pennefeather. To stern, another older Idris Frigate the 'Humanities Paladin'. The former flagship of Ballistic Logistics and Deerfield's personal ship. A couple Constellation class vessels 'The Essex' and 'Calypso' surrounded the Paladin to either side. In addition, there were two Javellin class destroyers and another Idris as well as support vessels.

As Karen reflected on the fleet, her comm channel lit up. "Sir we have a new contact in system.' Specialist Chambers flying in the Gladius 'Ample Spring' reported.