Ballistic Logistics Saga - Part X

August 2941
Spider - Ballistic Logistics Secret Base
Cathcart System

Ruiz pressed the laser pistol into Matthius' back. His hatred for the man forcing the pistol deeper between Executive Stormfury's shoulder blades, to the point of drawing blood.

"I really wish it had been my idea." He poked.

"You're just a pawn." Matthius shot back.

"The assassination attempt on your family was a brilliant stroke and almost completely worked if not for the meddling of James Belcher." Ruiz pushed Matthius to the left instructing him to turn down a corridor. "My contact has promised me the job will be finished very very soon."

Matthius tensed up at the words rolling off Ruiz's tongue. He was nowhere near his family, they had no warning and he had no way of communicating danger to them. Still he had to know more, figure out how wide spread this power struggle was currently.

"What has he promised you?" He queried.

"Who?" Ruiz played coy.

"Sundavold. He's the one tossing orders your way isn't he?" Matthius jabbed back.

"You're not as dumb as I pegged you Matthius." Ruiz let out a little chuckle. Digging the pistol a little deeper into Matthius' shoulder blades.

"By this time tomorrow, I'll be in full control of Ballistic Logistics, as it should have been fifteen years ago." The two continued down the, now empty, corridor. Most of the station staff, if not all had already evacuated.

"Then what?" Matthius stopped and started to turn to face Ruiz.

Ruiz took the pistol and whacked Matthius on the side of the head drawing blood. "No stopping. Move!" He pushed him back in the direction towards the landing bay and his waiting Origin 890-Jump.

"So you'll answer to Sundavold? The Shadow Advocacy?" Matthius attempted to wipe the blood from his left temple. A futile attempt as the wound was streaming down and into his eye and mouth. "All because daddy didn't pick you?" He fired another salvo.

"No more talking. Keep quiet or I pull this trigger." Ruiz was done. He'd had enough of the insolent bastard.

Pressing forward, Matthius remained quiet. His head was pounding from the blow anyway. He racked his brain for something, anything that could give him an advantage. Ruiz barked orders to his staff as he pushed Matthius on through the docking hatch into the 890. To Matthius' surprise, none of the crew on board seemed the least bit surprised at the executive officer's presence. Apparently these men were 100% loyal to Cole Ruiz. He'd picked them well.

Winding through several corridors, Ruiz led Matthius to the back of the ship, shoved him onto the ground in one of the ships smaller rooms. Then he raised his hand with the pistol.

"It should have been me," he shouted.

Matthius looked up at him. There was no sense in talking to the madman. He'd been upset all along and apparently, this was his only driving force.

"It should have been me." Ruiz repeated and approached Matthius.

Matthius just knew Ruiz would pull the trigger and in truth for a few seconds was ready to accept his fate. He'd failed his wife and apparently now his kids as well.

"It should have been ME!" Ruiz started kicking Matthius, hitting him in the ribs and knocking him over. Matthias hit the ground again and rolled over on this back. Ruiz continued his assault, stomping Matthias in the chest.

"It's over for you..." Ruiz scowled, wiping the sweat from his brow. Once more he lifted his hand holding the laser pistol and pointing it at Matthius.

Matthias lifted his head defiantly, ready to face death. 'It truly is over.' He thought to himself. 'Alexis, I'm coming home.' He closed his eyes.