A Father's Hatred: Lost

March 2942
Shadow Advocacy Constellation Phoenix "No Man's Land"
Ellis System

Fifteen year old Lexi sat in her chamber where she spent twenty hours a day. This was her home for months. The No Man's Land had made several jumps and she had no idea where or who she was riding with during this voyage, much less how long time had passed. She hadn't seen the woman known to her as Nanny Cameron since she'd dropped her off in the Nemo System. At the time, she believed the Nanny had been protecting her but she now knew the truth. She'd never see her Father again.

Her heart sank a bit as she grieved for her twin brother Matt and younger sister Liz. Having watched from the rear of the ship's cockpit the Pennefeather erupt in a ball of flame taking both of them from her.

Lexi's face turned red with anger. All of this was Matthius' fault. Her father had failed to protect her mother, Matt and Liz and now she was left to a life worse than slavery. "I hate you!" She yelled in her cell, not expecting anyone to hear.

Upstairs in the Control Room...

Captain Dover Mendez smiled as he listened to the girl's room. This was perfect for Sundavold's plan to use the girl against her father. Last reports were that the damage to Ballistic Logistics was immense and the girl might not come into play after all, but Mendez had been instructed to continue his work to break her down. Mendez smiled as he looked at his watch. She'd been in her cell nearly twenty hours, perhaps it was time to pay her another visit. After all he was feeling the urge to play with her again.

"Peterson, take the girl to my chamber."

Four hours later...

Fifteen year old, Lexi Stormfury lay crumpled in her chamber floor. Violated repeatedly for far more days than she could remember, she found the complete darkness and foul smell of the latrine bucket to be comforting. This room meant safety. It was her safe place. She trembled every time footsteps echoed outside her chamber, even when it was time for her meals. Thoughts of returning to the Captain's chambers was horrifying. Sore, bruised and broken, she just lay on the cool damp floor and wept for hours.