Building the Order - Boarding Party

December 2941
Cutlass - 'Unknown Bounty'/ Unmarked Idris Frigate
Unknown System

Reginald Patterson had been on damn near a hundred boarding engagements in his career, but none of them came close to the chaos unfolding. Having little visibility five special forces members in full combat armor, Class VI to be exact, clutched rails, door handles and whatever else they could find for stability. James Belcher also in combat armor, had already hit the floor but managed to grab hold of a reinforced chair leg.

"Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaw' Novitiate John 'Big John' Sanders belowed at the top of his longs. "I love the Preceptor! He's got balls." He said as he grabbed on tighter and barely escaped falling. The sound of grinding metal groaned throughout the hangar bay. The Cutlass had made it into the hangar bay doors but at a cost of severe wing damage.

Disciple Roger Lynn lost the battle, falling backwards into the trio of initiates knocking them all to the floor.

Almost as if watching the Curate had placed pressure on him, Big John fell to the ground as his legs gave out. The sound of metal on metal echoed the Idris hangar bay and deafened Matthius' ears in the cockpit. The marines body armor provide insulation for loud noises, such as from the heavy weapons now scattered on the floor.

Matthius tried his best to control the hunk of sliding metal, but really force and motion had control. He held on and watched as the drake did it's damage. Through a couple of supply piles, grazing a rearming station that ignited several explosions and even into a couple flight crewmen now smeared across the cockpit viewport. Matthius could just see past the blood and down the hangar. It was now apparent why the Idris hadn't scrambled fighters to protect itself. The hangar was currently acting as a cargo facility with two pristine Khartu. The alien ships were stored in a fashion that allowed them to fit, but prevented their use. 'This continues to get more interesting' he thought to himself as the ship slowed and began to stop.

"On your feet boys!" Disciple Lynn ordered. "Secure the perimeter." He pressed the button beside the cargo bay door. It groaned but managed to lower. Getting his first glimpse of the Idris bay, the damage was immense. Torn metal, Cutlass wings and parts strewn about for fifty meters. Initiates Viv Peters and Reginald Patterson exited to the left, checking the area for enemies. Big John and Initiate Samuel Rankers to the right.

Disciple Roger Lynn and Curate James Belcher started to exit the door as well when Matthius exited the cockpit. "Preceptor, You should stay here and let us secure the ship." Lynn protested.

"That's not happening. I'll be safer behind you're guys than in this heap of scrap." Matthius retorted. "We need to double time it to the rear of the ship and down to the armory. They were caught off guard and we have the advantage for now."

"Roger" Lynn responded then headed down the ramp. "Two by Two on each side of the hangar, head to the rear. I'll cover the Preceptor and Curate."

"Yes Sir" The soldiers said in unison and started into their approach.

---Minutes later---

Gunfire was quick and swift to the small resistance encountered in route to the armory. As Matthius had expected, the armory door yet to be opened was the target of at least one crewman who had his back to the soldiers as they turned the corner. He was fumbling with the locking mechanism on the door and had yet to open it.

"HANDS UP!" Lynn ordered. Immediately the crewman started running towards the bow.

Phffeett. Big John's railgun cut through the air cutting the crewman down.

"Disciple, lock this location down, the rest of us need to get to the bridge. ASAP" Matthius seemed impervious to the smell of death in the air.

"Peters, Rankers. Lock this location down. No one outside of us gets access." Lynn issued.


"The trio of special forces continued to scan the area and take out targets of opportunity as they escorted Matthius and Belcher up ramps and down corridors, clearing rooms.

Methodically, the team moved working it's way towards the bridge. Lynn counted six killed so far.

"This is too easy." Matthius responded as if reading his mind.

"Pick up the pace." Lynn ordered to his soldiers.

Almost as if on queue, Matthius could feel the lack of oxygen starting to affect him. "They've cut the air!"