A Plot Revealed

July 2941
Paris Police Station
Terra System

Matthius stood starring at the photographed body. It lay mangled in the streets of Paris, the attractive Asian face barely recognizable.

"Maybe it's for the best." He said softly to Director Rachel Winters. "We may never avenge Alexis anyway and it's best for the kids if I move on. And I have!" He protested. By kids, Matthius was referring to his twins Matt and Samantha, both fourteen, and nine year old Elizabeth.

"Matthius." Rachel started, her voice sounding serious and concerned.

"Matthius," She touched her hand to his elbow gripping softly and lowering her voice. "I know you want this to be over. I do as well." She looked down at the photographs of Specialist Sakamoto. "This is bigger than Alexis and revenge. This is a direct attack on Ballistic Logistics and our cause."

"I know." He gave in after few seconds of contemplation.

"Omi was hands down our best asset. The fact that she was caught off-guard, means this is bigger than a simple grudge against you." Rachel pondered the situation.

"It took some work, but like I said Omi was our best. She had measures in place for something like this happening." She pulled out a packet. "I believe our next step is for me to go to Spider and retrieve the contents of a locker."

"Spider?" Matthius said confused. "Are pirates involved in these events?"

"I don't know, but Omi's last drop before we lost contact had her serving in the BLG base on spider. I thought it odd myself, but it's possible she found a mole out there." She opened the packet and pulled out an old school locker key.

"As per standard protocol, she'd bought a locker on Spider for dropping any details off and mailed the key to one our intelligence outposts across the galaxy." She put the key back into the packet. "Though, it was strange. Our normal locker protocol calls for a six month to a year pre-pay. She must have expected trouble because she paid for five years."

Tucking the photos back into her briefcase, She started to push the packet in as well when Matthius grabber her arm. "No. This one, I'm doing."

Rachel looked a bit stunned.

"I'll go to spider, retrieve the contents and figure out what she found. I need you to make it appear that I am still on the Pennefeather and business is 'as usual'." He motioned his hands at the last part. "We need normal comm chatter from the Pennefeather until I can get to spider and assess the situation. Good work finding her." He nodded at the briefcase and photos the two had just reviewed.

"I'm just thankful the police here on Terra took quality photos and kept them on file. Operatives wouldn't have found it, but last month an unusual package was delivered to my office. Omi sent us a copy of her flight manifest. She really knew trouble might be ahead. This shows how dedicated she to the mission." Rachel replied.

"See to it that her family is taken care of." Matthius offered.

"She had no family. It's part of what makes our agents so good." Rachel retorted.

"Sad. She died searching for my family while having none of her own?" He questioned not expecting an answer. "Lets proceed with the plan. I'll need transport to Spider discretely and off the record. Can you arrange for that?" Matthius inquired.

"I'll have you in route first thing in the morning." She said as closing the briefcase. Rachel then hurried out of the police station task in hand. "I'll be in touch."