First Command: Part II

August 2909
Osiris System

Matthius sat on the podium beside now Lieutenants Belcher and Vevich. A modest crowd of military and civilians surrounded the podium. The rest of his surviving crew sat in the crowd and applauded as Matthius' CO spat out rhetoric about how he and his men had defeated terrorists who had stolen the retaliator and attempted to re-ignite hostilities between the UEE and Xi'an. One by one they got medals and were cheered by the crowd. Matthius hadn't shared the details and after talking with his CO was ordered to refer to the entire thing as a terrorist plot. Outside of Belcher, Cortez and the surviving marines, no one on the team knew the truth. Brass knew it was internal, but wanted it swept under the rug. Promotions and transfers would ensue he knew. This was all a part of the life of a UEE Navy man.

As the ceremony winded down Rachel stood chatting with a couple citizens who approached and asked about the firefight. A nondescript gentleman walked up behind and whispered in her ear. "Miss Winters, may I have few minutes this evening?" He slipped a small matchbook into her hand as he shook it and congratulated her on the promotion. The matchbook, from Tinsley Ale house, a local dive had 8:21 pm written on it.

Later that evening after being paraded around town and to a couple parties, Rachel finally made it to Tinsley Ale house. She made her way to a back booth and sat down. Exhausted from the days activities she began to flag down a waiter when she noticed the gentleman motion to her and step into one of the private rooms.

Waiting a couple minutes, until her watch said 8:21, she proceeded into the room.

"Miss Winters" The man sat with his hand on the table over an envelop. "It's time for your next assignment. She half grabbed at the envelop. "but before you get your assignment, I need you to give me a full report." Rachel's face must have shown a little surprise. "Give me a full report on Matthius Stormfury."