Discharge Report

May 2938


MAY 2938

UEE Personnel Files:
Honorable Discharge Report

Presiding Officer: Corp. Galwell

Subject: 2nd Flight Lieutenant Relen Gedion

Discharge Orders:

It is the recommendation of this officer that 2nd Flight Lieutenant Relen Gedion be honorably discharged from the UEE, with full citizenship and all rights and benefits befitting of an officer of the UEE upon fulfillment of their service contract.

Corp. Oliver Galwell

Official Service Record:

2nd Flight Lieutenant Relen Gedion

Current station: Tohil system
Previously stationed at:
Idris system
Elysium system

Medals, honors, or other distinguishing merits:


Engagement record:

37 Engagements, 17 confirmed kills

Breakdown of engagements:

Enemy: Vanduul
Occurrences: 23
Confirmed Kills: 9
Ship destroyed, ejected and recovered: 2

Enemy: Pirates
Occurrences: 13
Confirmed Kills: 8
Ship destroyed, ejected and recovered: 0
Enemy: Unknown*
Occurrences: 1
Confirmed Kills: 0
Ship destroyed, ejected and recovered: 0

*Engagement took place while the 2nd Lieutenant was stationed at Tohil. A group of three, small, unidentified ships came from Xi'an space, fired on the 2nd lieutenant's group, and then fled back into Xi'an space.

Specialties and Interests:

Commanding officers noted the following observations of 2nd Lieutenant Relen Gedion:

A love of history and alien culture
A chronic underachiever
A tinkerer, an ability to patch together systems in unique ways, to make things work that seemingly shouldn't
A loner, morale suffered while posted to multi-crew ships

Appendix A: Comments of Former Commanding Officers

"If you want something stitched together from nothing, then Gedion is your man. Out here on the frontier, resources and parts can be hard to come by. I've seen 2nd Lieutenant Gedion pull parts off of 100-year-old ships, alien ships mind you, and slap them onto Hornets and Avengers. And wouldn't you know, the damn things flew! Ask him to fix a problem and you may not recognize the solution, but you'll recognize the results."

Col. W.H. Herring, 17th Wing, stationed Idris system

" 2nd Lieutenant Gedion's performance this month has been poor to say the least. For the second time in the last 30 days, he's lost his Hornet in skirmishes with the Vanduul along the border. Both times he was retrieved unharmed, except for the undressing I gave him in debrief. Gedion is a decent pilot, and a talented tinkerer, but he is growing increasingly distant from his squadron-mates. He shows up late to staff meetings, unkempt and unprepared, and his quarters have failed the last 3 inspections. I opened his locker and was almost knocked over with a wave of datapads, all loaded with books on the Xi'an, Banu, Vanduul, Tevarin, and even the Kr'Thak. I've asked him to report to me at 0800 hours tomorrow. If he doesn't shape up, I'll be recommending him for formal punishment."

Col. W.H. Herring, 17th Wing, stationed Idris system

"If I wanted to find him, I always knew to check the library or stellar cartography. He was always lost in some book or old star map. He spends all his leave on border worlds where he can meet and speak with the Banu and Xi'an. If he were anyone else, I suspect him of something treasonous. But it seems more like a genuine fascination that drives him."

Captain L.P. Reynolds, 4th Wing, stationed Elysium system

"I received 2nd Lieutenant Gedion as a cast off of the 4th Wing stationed in the Elysium system. While his record was clean, I was warned, off the record, by his former commanding officer, Captain L.P. Reynolds, to expect a distant, distracted, and unmotivated pilot. Well, the Tohil system is just the sort of place people like him usually end up. No matter, with only 6 months of duty left, I'm sure I can keep him out of trouble. After all, they don't call me the UEE's best babysitter for nothing. I'll keep him on the straight and narrow until his discharged."

Col. R.T. Jawell


Appendix B:

UEE internal investigations report on 2nd Lieutenant Relen Gedion:

After a thorough investigation of 2nd Lieutenant Relen Gedion, internal investigations has concluded that 2nd Lieutenant Gedion poses no threat to the UEE. Gedion does exhibit an unhealthy fascination with alien technology and culture, and spends most of his leave time indulging in these interests. However we have determined that his fascination does not extent past the realm of that of a historian or collector, and he poses no legitimate threat to the UEE by his associations with other Alien races.

More troubling was the aftermath of his squadron's encounter along the Xi'an border with the (REDACTED). 2nd Lieutenant Gedion indicated in his official report that he believes he encountered the Kr'Thak, and despite contrary depositions being secured from the rest of his squadron, he continued to insist to anyone that would listen that this was the case. Of course the UEE has no official contact with the Kr'Thak on record. His commanding officer noted that after this incident, and upon the refusal of anyone to give credence to his story, 2nd Lieutenant Gedion grew even more withdrawn.

Internal Investigations has determined that to address the situation more formally would only lead 2nd Lieutenant Gedion to hold more tightly to his story, thus creating a potentially larger threat. With 2nd Lieutenant Gedion's impending discharge only 4 months away, we have determined it more prudent to let him fulfill his tour of duty and exit quietly from the UEE.

Of course, we will be keeping an eye on his activities, just in case...