Xeno Syncretic Order: Our Focus

Xeno Syncretic Order (XSO)

Immersion is a large focus of our organization. With Star Citizen, we want to be immersed in the universe and feel like we as a group are contributing to something special. As such, we require that each member participate by writing a background story of how their character (for the PU) came to be a member of XSO and anything else they choose to add to the character's career. This background detail is important in building a bond with both XSO and your character.

Camaraderie is the single biggest benefit to being a member of XSO. Our goal is not to be the largest. Our goal is not to be the 'leet' fighter jockey organization in the verse. Our goal is to build an immersive story together with friends that we enjoy and play Star Citizen with during it's lifecycle.

Activities we plan on enjoying once the Persistant Universe (PU) is available will primarily focus on Player Verse the Environment (PVE) with a focus on the following:

Exploration: Be it traversing Xi'an space seeking the Krell homeworld or charting unknown jump points in Vanduul territory looking for the next great salvage haul, we'll spend significant time exploring the entirety of the verse.

Salvage: Alien artifacts, technology and metal bits from brutal combat war torn systems will all come into play as we seek to better ourselves and our allies.

Engineering: A large part of protecting humanity includes component tweaking and modding. Our plan is to build reputation with alien races in an effort to acquire and tweak components to better our brothers and sisters ships within the XSO fleet.