Xeno Syncretic Order (XSO)

Xeno Syncretic Order (XSO)

The Prophecy as foretold to The Seer Relen Gedion through The Prophet's Gear

As I stood tinkering with an alien artifact rescued from Ballistic Logistics R&D department, my mind was taken over as the device, known as The Prophet's Gear, revealed to me a vision. I stood in a massive temple, beholding a large circular ceremonial platform in the middle. Around it's edge stood an ethereal representative of all the major races of the universe, Humans, Xi'an, Banu, Tevarin, Kr'Thak, Vanduul, and even some unknown to me. A being of light hung in the middle of the circle, and imparted to me these words.

"Bearer of The Prophet's Gear, here is your mission: Around the circle stand the Sacred Eight Races, each born of the divine, true and good. You must seek them out and unite the light within them. You must unite the races, the very essence of their existence. Only through this can you save humanity. Through this, you can save them all"

Having found the true path of humanity's salvation, we forged the XENO SYNCRETIC ORDER, for the purposes of uniting all that is good and true in the galactic races. We seek the salvation of humanity by restoring it to that union. By striving for positive relations between the races, and exchanging and acquiring culture, ships and technology, we work for that unity. We will seek out the Sacred Eight, wherever they may be found, and bring them together. We will give all we have for:

Salvation through Unity

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